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SkinCube Haedam Eunbaerkbian Oyster cream

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SkinCube Haedam Eunbaerkbian Oyster cream


Haedan Eunbaekbian Oyster cream fills deep inside your skin with moist, it brightens and vitalized dry skin.
It brings the beauty from natural inside and makes it brighter.

Specialized components: Oyster,Lotus,Pearl,Plankton
Functional: Wrinkle care and Whitening
Effects: Skin smoothing and Moisturizing


  • Oyster extract permeates the skin to create a layer of moisture that wraps the skin.
  • As a user rubs it, the cream applied on the skin spreads softly, thus nourishing the skin and keeping it clear and fresh.
  • The product is a highly functional premium cream that promotes whitening and wrinkle removal.