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SkinCube My coloring Squid ink hair color

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  • South Korea South Korea
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SkinCube My coloring Squid ink hair dyes


Categories: hair dyes,hair dye acidification agent,hair conditiner


Specialized components: Cuttlefish jiuce,Squid ink,Cortex mori,Black bean,Acors calamus


Effects: Dyeing hair


Volume: agent 1: 80g+agent 2: 80g+ hair tint 40g(1set)



Product characteristics:

Refreshing and sophisticated colors proposed by rich color,none PPD,moisturizing gloss,low-irritation.


PPD is often used for covering fray hair because of its dark color,but also causes irritation and allergy. SkinCube my coloring squid ink hair color does not contain PPD to minimize irritation and allergic reaction based on safe formula.


For hair dying,different dyes are conbined to create a color.If the dyes react and combined fast,it cannot penetrate inside the hair through the gaps between cuticles.By optimizing the combination process during hair dying,our product minimized residual dyes that fail to penetrate into the hair,therefore,improved the effect and duration of hair dye.


Patch test(skin sensitivity test)

Every customer needs to perform skin test(pacth test)48 hours prior to use including those who have been using this product or other products.


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SkinCube My coloring Squid ink hair color