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SkinCube Special foam cleansing set

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SkinCube Special foam cleansing set


Specialized components: Peach extract, Red ginseng extract, Snail secretion filtrate


Effect: Make-up and waste removel,hypoallergenic


Volum: 150ml*3ea(1set)


3 types pf plants foam cleanser containing peach extract, red ginseng extract, snail slime filtrate content keep your skin lively,full of nutrition,clean and resilient.Pretty face with makeup on is important,but pretty face without makeup is more important.Treat your skin with special foam cleansing.

How to use:

Put considerable amount on your hands and lather with a small amount of water.

Rub your entire face meticulously an if you‘re massaging.

Rinse with lukewarm water.

Cover you face with towel,press gently and pat dry.


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SkinCube Special foam cleansing set